The 6th annual kommunity festival kommunityfestival Baby Day kommunityfestival vetrans and children honouring our wounded warriors kommunityfestival youth boxing The 6th annual kommunity festival

About The Kommunity Festival

About Us

The Kommunity Festival was established July 07, 2007 (7-7-7) to provide two days of true LOVE and concern for our neighbors. If you're hungry, homeless, sick, unemployed, or just depressed because of what you're dealing with, we want you to come out and forget all about everything and enjoy two days of seeing your children laughing and playing and just enjoying life. We have free food, concerts, youth boxing, clowns, face painting, and resources and support services for any situation you may be faced with.

The Kommunity Festival will utilize a world stage, The National Mall's Sylvan Theater, to promote health, fitness, LOVE and on Sunday, worship . This is the main stage of American opportunity. Our Annual Kommunity Festival, always held on the 2nd weekend in July is a Meetup Site for First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move Campaign. The Kommunity Festival provides children and young adults an opportunity to showcase their talents at the National Mall before a world audience, promoting self esteem, health, and excellence through events such as boxing exhibitions, dancing, intellectual talent, and musical performances. Our event will feature the Kommunity Festival Let's Move Pavilion, where health and fitness advocacy groups will provide vital information in support of The First Lady's national goal of combating the epidemic of childhood obesity.
We are different. We truly care for our neighbors. And because we are different we spell it as Kommunity.


The Kommunity Festival is a collaborative, faith-based community outreach designed to provide holistic healing through a myriad of outreach services. The Kommunity Festival is sponsored by Kommunity Healing Center, a non-profit tax exempt 501 (C)(3) organization, chartered to provide services to residents throughout the United States. Partnering with Jeff Majors' National Homeless Concert Tour and Dr. Maya Angelou's Feed our Children Outreach we will provide one of the largest collection of food and basic items for babies in need.

Goals for:


The major goals of the Kommunity Festival are to develop and coordinate resources and support services for children, Veterans and adults whom are homeless/hungry, employment needs for the un/under-employed, health care needs for the sick, educational needs of the illiterate, advocacy needs of the oppressed, conversion needs of the oppressor, psychological needs of the suffering, and spiritual needs of all in an effort to assist in restoring hope in our communities.


The major goals for our Veterans at the Kommunity Festival are to develop and coordinate resources and support services for Veterans who find themselves homeless/hungry, employment needs of the unemployed/under-employed Veteran , health care needs for the sick Veteran, educational needs of the Veteran seeking to further his/her education, advocacy needs for the depressed and oppressed Veteran, conversion needs to assist in stabilizing our Veteran by providing psychological assistance. This is done by providing all resources and educating our Veteran on benefits and services earned by those who so proudly served our Country in an effort to assist in restoring hope in America's Veteran. (The military has an Annual Homeless Veteran and Veterans Stand Down for homeless veterans, veterans in need, guardsmen and reservists (Also known as Winter Haven). This is an event where The Veterans Administration caters to our veterans by providing much needed resources such as: medical screenings, exams, clothing, employment assistance, and so much more. But our veterans are still veterans and still have great needs well after winter is over. The Kommunity Festival envisions having Winter Haven in the summertime).

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Yolanda Bynum, Chairperson
443-621-6342 (m)

Kommunity Healing Center
A non-profit, charitable organization
Ruled tax-exempt by the Internal Revenue 1991
Under 501 (c)(3), (EIN 83-0379961)

We are different.
We truly care for our neighbors.
And because we are different we spell it as Kommunities.